Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre announces that during the twentieth Shakespeare Festival will see "Hamlet" Iranian Quantum Theatre Group, directed by Arash Dadgar.

Quantum Theatre Group was founded in 2009 by director Arash Dagdara. It inspires them to adapt to the theatrical stage classical plays, novels, short stories - which give contemporary meanings and contexts, taking into account the modern theories in the area of physics (references to quantum physics are already visible in the name of the band). Created by their surreal world with a mixture of grotesque relationship is in Shakespeare unique interlocutor.

"Shakespeare is my encyclopedia of knowledge about the contradictions inherent in human nature" - says Arash Dagdar, born in 1973, director and founder of the band. "It surprises me and delights, is mysterious, dramatic ... This is my contemporary Iranian playwright! Issue of Shakespeare, is subjecting himself sample is showing what you know about life, but also what still eludes us. Hamlet, the latest production Quantum Theatre Group in 2014 was born of the rewrite project lasting four years. I chose him to answer a number of outstanding issues: whether Hamlet is mad? is the Spirit of the Father Hamlet really exist, or is only a projection of the mind son? My answer is: this tragedy is a constant collision of electrons and, as in physics, the results of these collisions are unpredictable. uncertainty reigns. "

Shakespeare Festival in Gdansk is one of the largest international events, which organizers - Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre and the Foundation Theatrum Gedanense - every year invite the best Shakespearean performances and the most prominent theater artists from around the world.

In previous editions we had the pleasure to host such stars as: Luk Perceval, László Bocsárdi, Robert Sturua, Silviu Purcărete, Edward Hall, Giuseppe Dipasquale and many others. We also had the opportunity to see the interpretations of Shakespeare's plays performed by theaters, among others, from the UK, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Latvia, Cuba, Denmark, Italy, Belarus, Hungary, Armenia, Iceland, Israel, South Korea, the United States, Japan, Spain, Georgia, Finland, Sweden, Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Romania and Zimbabwe.


The Hamlet of Quantum Theatre staged at Piccolo


It opens with an absolute national before the2014-2015 season of the Piccolo Teatro of Milan : a great classic, Hamlet ofShakespeare , to which a braided rewrite of the Middle East and physical culture quantum reserves new and unexpected explorations.
Adapted for the stage the classics - theater, short stories, novels - with a contemporary eye, which takes into account the modern scientific theories . this is the inspiration of Quantum Theatre Group , Iranian theater group founded in 2009, which locates in Shakespeare a privileged research field.
Free adaptation of Shahram Ahmadzadeh immortal "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare.
Directing and scenes Arash Dadgar.
With (in order of appearance) Mehran Emambakhsh, Hesam Manzour, Behrouz Kazemi, Ammar Ashoori, Mohammadreza Aliakbari, Amin Tabatabai, Shabnam Farshadjoo, Khosrow Shahraz, Sanaz Najafi, Amir Rajabi, Mehrab Rostami.
International Art Manager And Producer: CameliaGhazali